Schools, Education and Community Groups

Presentation and Activity Programs

The following multimedia presentations and activities are available to classrooms, schools for large groups and to community groups.


All presentations are free of charge except if travel outside of the Rochester metro are is required in which case expenses to be covered by the organization making the request . Honorariums are appreciated. Here are some of the presentations that are available. These can be customized as needed for age and length. Most come with free handouts and multimedia presentations.

  • Space Station Status Report - with virtual tour
  • Space Spin offs - Everyday things that came from the space program
  • Jobs in Space or the Space Industry
  • How to become an Astronaut
  • Rockets how they work - in class activities demos and a rocket launch
  • Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle, Next Generation Shuttle
  • Mars Landings - Exploring the Red Planet
  • Mars Colony within the next ten years!
  • Terraforming Mars - can Mars become like Earth?
  • Artificial Gravity - how we can do it today
  • Education for Careers in Space
  • The Orion Starship
  • Space Elevator and Space Tethers
  • X-ray Telescope STS-93 - Built at Kodak
  • Inside NASA - Things you never knew about NASA
  • The Astronauts of New York
  • Heavenly bodies - Astronomy
  • Local space and space related organizations you can join
  • Numerous hands on space related exercises for all age groups - inquire

Handout materials

We have a wide variety of NASA and NSS literature available. With appropriate lead time we can send or bring to you enough for your entire class or group. Call us to discuss your needs


We own our exhibits and can configure them on a wide variety of subjects. Exhibit towers are eight feet tall and three foot on a side in a three sided configuration. This can also be configured in a four sided display. With appropriate lead time we can often get NASA exhibits on special loan. Call us to discuss your needs.

Contact Dale Grady, President and Program Director or call (585)314-6416 and leave a message.